12 Slushies To Rejuvenate And Enliven You This Summer!

Summer is the time for pool parties and fun in the sun! Outdoor heat is likely to leave you feeling dehydrated and craving something super cool and thirst quenching. Slushies to the rescue! A blended combination of fruit and ice will delight your taste buds. You’ll be left feeling refreshed while you give your body a great source of nutrition and energy.

12 slushies to rejuvenate and enliven you this summer

Our list of slushies to enliven you this summer is meant to be all inclusive for every family member. Children get to choose their favorite blend of fruits (or colors!) while adults get to decide whether they feel like adding a splash of wine to create one of several wine slushies. All it takes to make a great fruit slushy is fruit (frozen is preferred), ice, wine or coconut milk for a few of the following recipes, and a powerful blender. Start out by placing all your chilled or frozen fruit, along with a little additional liquid, into your blender and mix until very smooth. 10 ounces of fruit and a cup of liquid for a normal sized blender is a good place to start.  At this point, start adding ice cubes, one at a time, with the blender running, until your slushy has reached the desired consistency.

Start out by placing all your chilled or frozen fruit, along with a little additional liquid, into your blender and mix until very smooth. 10 ounces of fruit and a cup of liquid for a normal sized blender is a good place to start.  At this point, start adding ice cubes, one at a time, with the blender running, until your slushy has reached the desired consistency.

More people are realizing the importance of eating healthy, organic foods everyday. The availability of organic options has been on the rise for years in most of the country. You may be surprised to learn that the price difference between conventional and organic fruits is often rather small. You may consider the higher nutritional values contained in organic foods as an investment in the long term health of your family. Selecting organic options also helps promote a sustainable world through better farming practices.

1. Coconut Peach Slushy


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coconut peach slush

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What could be better than blending the goodness of creamy coconut milk with the delightful flavor of peach? This rendition of peaches and cream creates a mouth watering and nutritious fruit slushy. Look for high fat versions of coconut milk for the most nutritional value and flavor, and be sure to peel and remove the pits from your peaches if you are using fresh fruits.

Place your can of coconut milk in the refrigerator for several hours before blending for best results. A good mix is half a can of coconut milk per 10 oz. of frozen peaches. Canned peaches are not recommended due to their high sugar content.


2. Strawberry and Peach White Wine Slushy

strawberry peach white wine slush

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Create this eye catching, crowd pleasing wine slush by first blending your strawberries and white wine, then adding ice. Fill glasses half way with this colorful mixture, rinse the blender, then blend the peaches, more wine, and more ice.

Carefully pour the peachy slush on top of the strawberry portion to create the look in the photo. Garnish each glass with a fresh strawberry for extra impact. A good rule of thumb is to use a standard 5 oz serving of wine per 10 oz. of fruit.


3. Great Orange Slushy

great orange slush

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Orange slushies are a favorite for the younger crowd. This beverage is loaded with vitamin C and is ultra refreshing. If using fresh oranges, make sure to remove the peel and seeds before blending, as the seeds tend to have a bitter flavor.

Frozen orange juice concentrate works very well on its own or blended with fresh oranges. Half of a 16 oz. can of concentrate, just barely beginning to thaw, and two peeled and seeded fresh oranges per blender provide the best flavor and nutrition. Garnish with fresh cherries or orange slices if you wish.


4. Strawberry Slushy

strawberry slushy idea

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Take advantage of an abundance of fresh strawberries! Frozen berries work best for slushies and fresh strawberries as a garnish are a real summer treat. Start by removing any green tops from your berries. Blend them with enough juice, water or milk to allow your blender to work before adding ice.

Apple and grape juices are excellent choices for extra sweetness. Milk or plain yogurt will add extra nutrition. When using yogurt, a few tablespoons of honey added to each blender can make the strawberry slush mix more enjoyable for those accustomed to sweeter flavors.


5. Frozen Cherry Slushy

frozen cherry slush

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Here’s a slushy that is sure to please those with a real sweet tooth. Ripe cherries are full of nutrition and have a higher sugar content than many fruits. One 10 oz. bag of frozen cherries with just enough water to blend is the perfect amount to begin. Slowly add the ice to create a thick consistency.

It is best to have enough cherries on hand to make more than one batch, as this treat is sure to go quick on a hot day. Garnish each glass with fresh cherries for extra sweetness!


6. Strawberry Kiwi Slushy

strawberry kiwi slushy

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Another eye catching party favorite, strawberries and kiwis make a great flavor combination. Prepare this slushy in two separate blender batches to create the desired appearance. Start with frozen strawberries and a small amount of apple or white grape juice for extra sweetness. Once you’ve blended the berries with enough ice, fill your glasses half way with this mix.

Rinse your blender, then blend six peeled, slightly frozen kiwis along with more juice. Add ice and blend again, then top off your glasses with the kiwi mix. Garnish with fresh strawberries and/or kiwi slices to add beauty to this life giving frozen drink!


7. Peach Wine Slushy

peach wine slushy

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Another options on the adult beverage list, peach wine slushies will keep you cool and relaxed on the hottest of days. Any white or blush wine works well in this recipe. Champagne can even be used to add fizz for an extra special celebration! 10 oz. of frozen peaches and a five ounce serving of wine per blender creates a good balance.

Add the ice to the blended peach and wine mix, then fill your most attractive wine glasses. Fresh strawberries and/or peaches make the best garnish for these slushies.


8. Sweet Melon Slushy

sweet melon slushy

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Melon lovers of all ages will savor this summertime treat. Both cantaloupe and honeydew melons make excellent slushies, or you can add a combination of both. Cut open your melon(s), scoop out the seeds, then remove the flesh from the rind. Cut and partially freeze your melon before blending.

Melons are naturally very sweet and can be blended with just enough water to allow your blender blades to function. Add and blend in enough ice to create the consistency you prefer. After filling your glasses, these treats can be topped with cherries or a skewer containing pieces of fresh melon.


9. Pineapple Slushy

pineapple slushy idea

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Savor the flavor of the tropics with this refreshing pineapple slushy! Begin with either packaged, frozen pineapple or cut open a fresh one and freeze the pineapple chunks. Canned pineapple is not recommended as it contains added sugar. Once your frozen pineapple is in the blender, add either water or half a can of coconut milk for the liquid.

Coconut is an excellent flavor enhancer for pineapple and tends to reduce the burning that pineapple creates on the tongue. Add enough ice to create a smooth slushy, then fill your glasses. Pineapple slices or chunks on skewers make a delightful garnish.


10. Sweet Mango Slush

sweet mango slushy

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Another fruit that is naturally very sweet, mangoes are excellent in slushies. You may be able to find fresh mangoes in your supermarket, but frozen ones work best. Add the frozen mango to your blender with either water or coconut milk. The coconut milk will add extra nutrition and flavor to your mango slush.

Use one half can of milk per 10 oz. of fruit. Blend until smooth, then slowly add the ice cubes until the mix is thick. In the tropics where mangoes grow, they are often eaten with a lime. Lime slices make an excellent garnish for this slushy!


11. Watermelon Slushy

watermelon slush idea

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Sweet and hydrating, watermelons are even better when they are blended into a slushy! Cut open a fresh, ripe watermelon and remove the seeds and rind. Cut the flesh into chunks and place them in the freezer for several hours before blending. When ready, add the partially frozen watermelon with a little water to your blender.

Thicken the mix with ice cubes and garnish the glasses with slices of fresh watermelon. This is a great way to use up even a large amount of watermelon on a hot summer day!


12. Wine Berry Slushy

wine berry slushy idea

Photo: Credit

Finishing the list with one more adult beverage, wine and berry slushies are often the talk of the party. Use any berries you like; strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries are all excellent choices. Frozen mixed berries also have a delicious flavor when blended.

Chilled white or blush wines, as well as champagne, are all pleasing options to mix with the berries. Stick with 10 oz. of fruit per 5 oz. of wine or champagne for the best mix. Add your ice, fill your glasses, and serve with fresh berries. Stay cool and enlivened with these delicious summer slushies!

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